Baklachyan lighting

Story of Baklachyan

The company was founded in 1978 in Armenia and is
a reliable model of a family business.

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We cooperate with
leading brands

In production we use materials such as brass,
bronze and anti-corrosion durable steel.

We also coat with 24k gold, nickel, paint and varnish
special materials for the durability of products.

Services we suggest

We offer you a huge collection of lighting equipment and the chandeliers, an Armenian production, that are worked out and manufactured in Armenian in accordance with the specifications made by architects and project makers.

Each example is unique and elaborated with subtle taste that can gratify any customer needs.

The lighting equipment is HAND MADE.

The main materials are: crystals (SWAROVSKI Strass – Austria, ASFOUR – Egypt, SCHOLER - Austria), natural stones (such as Onyx, Malachite and Obsidian), brass and bronze.

Those are the lightings for hotels, restaurants, yachts, houses, mosques, business centers, churches, theatres, social and administrative establishments.

Generally, the sketches are made corresponding to the interior but it can be also made by the order of a customers, depending on his will.

Delivery and installing all over the world.

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